Highly skilled professionals with plenty of experience in consultancy, design and agile software engineering.
Guido Stevens
Managing Director

Guido Stevens MBA combines an integral business perspective, with in-depth technical expertise. He is passionate about innovation, learning, networking and open source technology.

Rene Verkaart
Graphics Design
Rob Gietema
Front-end Development
Aditya Pawar
Design Research
Ronnie Stevens
Front-end Development
Franklin Kingma
Application Development
Paul Stevens
Systems Engineering

What clients say about us

Guido's ability to remain calm in the face of objection, to adapt and show enormous flexibility is second to none. He demonstrated impeccable integrity, was completely reliable and constantly delivered on time and within/under budget.

— Adrian Bedford, Web Services Team Leader at RIPE NCC

Guido contributed significantly to the success of the project. He has a very strong analytical and strategic mindset. He has a very professional work attitude and completes tasks quickly and reliably. He takes responsibility, but is also a great team player.

— Lisa Brüggen, Assistant Professor (tenured) at Maastricht University