Designing for Culture Change

Guido Stevens | Mar 04, 2016 | intranet · complexity · management · design
How social intranet design can enable organisational change.

This talk, presented at IntraTeam Event 2016, introduces a four-type classification of organisational cultures, based on the Cubrix model of organisational development.

Using the example of the iKath intranet of the Swiss Catholic Church in the canton of Zurich, each of these cultural types shows up as a set of related functionalities in the intranet design.

The layered interaction design is adaptive: users can safely ignore the "social layer" and still have a fully functional user experience that addresses document management and process support. This enables a gradual evolution of organisational change, without requiring retooling.


There's now a video available where Guido summarizes this talk, and outlines his vision for the future of intranets.

IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2016 - Guido Stevens / Cosent from Kurt Kragh Sørensen on Vimeo.

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