Enterprise 2.0 and organisational development

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Enterprise 2.0 and organisational development

Eugene Fernandez

Guido Stevens will do a live interview with Eugene Fernandez on Tuesday November 13th, at 21:00 european time (20:00 UTC).

Eugene is founder and owner of Metanoa, an Australian consultancy focused on leadership development. Eugene's research and work focuses on designing and facilitating Deep Change and Leadership interventions within organisations. Part of this work is also the focus of his Doctoral Thesis, where theory has informed and emerged from practice.

Eugene has developed the DOOR model as a means to enable both individual, team and systemic change. DOOR stands for Design, Operate, Observe and Reflect. He will also expand on four underlying frames of organisational development that underpin the depth of Learning and Change an organisation is ready for and committed towards.

With a panel of Enterprise 2.0 experts, we'll have an open conversation to explore the various connections between organizational change and enterprise 2.0

The interview and panel discussion will be broadcast simultaneously on Google+ Hangout and Youtube as part of the Enterprise 2.0 Summit Expert Talks series, hosted by Björn Negelmann.


The webcast has been broadcast on Tuesday November 13th, at 21:00 european time (20:00 UTC). You can find a summary and the full video on the webcast blog post

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