GuruScan knowledge management in Plone

Cosent integrates the GuruScan expert locator application into a Plone intranet.

GuruScan is a knowledge management application that enables your employees to quickly locate collegues that have specific expertise.

Unlike other applications that rely on self-certification, GuruScan crowdsources expertise profiles by asking each employee who their "go-to person" is for a specific area of expertise.

Plone is an open source enterprise content management system suitable for building large intranets.

Cosent has created a Plone addon, cosent.guruscan, that provides single-signon integration of the GuruScan webservice into a Plone installation. You need to obtain a GuruScan client id for this to work.

GuruScan integration screenshot

After installation, cosent.guruscan adds a global tab 'Knowledge Center' that integrates the GuruScan expert locator service. Users only have to log into their Plone account; they're then automatically logged into GuruScan as well.

For site administrators, a special view is available that exports the Plone user database in a format suitable for import by GuruScan.

Please contact us to learn more about locating internal experts, using GuruScan for Plone.

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