Cosent opens innovation programme for participation

Cosent is investing in the development of open source knowledge technology.

We're committed to pushing the envelope in PloneSocial development. Please contact us if you're interested in participating in one of our research projects.

Design Research

How can we optimize knowledge flows between employees, customers and partners?

We'll use a method called contextual inquiry to get to the bottom of how, and especially why, people use email, documents and meetings to achieve business objectives.

Additionally, we'll also perform survey research to obtain quantitative insights into patterns of communication and collaboration in organizations.

The insights obtained will be used to improve PloneSocial, the open source social intranet/extranet solution developed by Cosent.

Market Research

Cosent has been accepted by Document Services Valley into their business incubator.

Document Services Valley financial support enables us to investigate, how to best position and market our open source social knowledge technology.

A panel of executives with decision authority will be queried to investigate their perceptions regarding social intranet/extranet.

A follow-up round of in-depth interviews will explore in more detail which criteria and considerations shape social technology buying decisions.

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