Paradiso conference and workshop: call to action

We are fast running into a wall of unsustainability. Stay tuned for an update on futures research and innovation initiatives.

The Paradiso conference on Internet and Societal Innovation and workshop on Platforms for Collective Awareness presented a wealth of futures research, and an impressive portfolio of social/technical innovation projects.

In fact, the conference and workshop provided so much raw material on collective intelligence challenges at the crossroads of environmental limits, Internet research and social innovation, that I'll devote two full blog posts on reporting the Paradiso event.

Full posts will be published once the slides and videos from the event are available, so I can include those. Additionally I'll include URLs for the various projects and research initiatives, so you'll have a comprehensive recap of the two-day event.

Make sure to come back here in two or three weeks and you'll get the full package. You can also subscribe to this blog via RSS to be notified automatically. Or, send me an email at info at cosent dot nl and I'll ping you.

For those of you who weren't at the event, here's the introduction video:

We need to act now rather than tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates on what the challenges are, what is being done already and what we can and need to do ourselves.

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