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Testing Plone projects with Gitlab-CI
How to run continuous integration on private Plone projects, for free.
Plone Intranet: from plan to reality
Collaborating with nine companies across five countries, the Plone Intranet Consortium moved from plan to working code within months. How did we do it?
Change Factory Knowledge Platform
The Change Factory is a platform where environmental activists share knowledge
Plone Intranet München sprint report
Sprinting in München transformed both the team and the code base of Plone Intranet.
Plone Intranet Consortium
Creating a new open source digital workplace platform.
Social intranet sprint Berlin
A week of intense collaboration in Berlin has significantly accelerated the development of a new Plone-based social intranet platform.
Plone Intranet front end
Front-end development for ploneintranet has started.
Plone Open Garden 2014
The Plone Open Garden event in Sorrento, Italy, is reliably a highlight of the year to look forward to.
Designing an open source social intranet
Cosent and Netsight are designing an open source social intranet platform.
PloneSocial Roadmap at Plone Conference 2013: videos + slides
An overview of the status of PloneSocial and where we're heading. Also introduces a preview of the Digital Workplace Technology Roadmap that will be published soon. Update: talk video now available.
High-Availability High-Performance Plone: video + slides
How to create a Plone deployment that performs like crazy and survives not only a datacenter failure, but even keeps on running when all Plone heads are down. Update: video now available.
Monkey patching: the good, the bad and the ugly
Run-time software modification can save your day, and kill your project.
PloneSocial PLOG2013 Sprint Report
Progress made on PloneSocial during the Plone Open Garden 2013.
GuruScan knowledge management in Plone
Cosent integrates the GuruScan expert locator application into a Plone intranet.
Cosent opens innovation programme for participation
Cosent is investing in the development of open source knowledge technology.
Plone Goes Social
PloneSocial provides an open source social business solution, integrated into the Plone CMS.
Plone Software Ecology
Cosent collaborated with the Nottingham University Business School, to analyze the interaction between social network connections and technical structures in the development history of the open source Plone Content Management System.