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Guido Stevens | Aug 04, 2014 | intranet · plone
Front-end development for ploneintranet has started.

While many people are still enjoying the beach, we're already gearing up to accelerate design and development for Plone Intranet this fall.

Following the Mosaic sprint and a ploneintranet summit in Gatwick we're now collaborating with with Syslab and Cornelis Kolbach. to turn wireframes and high-fidelity designs of social interactions into HTML/CSS/Javascript prototypes, using Patternslib (similar to Mockup).

This is a screenshot of some of the frontend work in progress:

social interaction prototype

We'll extend this work in the run-up to the Berlin sprint in September, which will be focussed on extending plonesocial and integrating it with ploneintranet.

Our goal is to provide a workable code base, that documents much of the design decisions we're making in a way that enables community collaboration.

The backend code we're working on is already open and published: see e.g. experimental.securityindexing, ploneintranet.workspace and collective.dynamicmosaic. We expect to fully open up the frontend code before the Plone conference this fall.

Please contact us if you're not a member of the Plone Intranet Consortium and would like to get involved and gain commit access to our development repositories.

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