PloneSocial PLOG2013 Sprint Report

Progress made on PloneSocial during the Plone Open Garden 2013.

Plone Open Garden is a yearly mini-conference where Plone developers come together in the beautiful ambiance of Sorrento. This year about 50 people gathered under the palm trees to exchange knowledge and collaborate on exciting technologies until late in the night.


The PloneSocial track started with a presentation by Guido Stevens giving an overview of the PloneSocial project, and presenting a vision and roadmap for realizing an open source digital workplace.

The vision outlined in the presentation above will also be published as a whitepaper soon. Fill in your email address on the top right of this page to sign up for the Cosent newsletter and receive a copy of the Digital Workplace Technology Roadmap as soon as it's available.

Sprint Progress

Thomas Desvenain and Guido Stevens collaborated on integrating collective.local.workspace with PloneSocial. This will result in secure collaboration and discussion areas for teams and communities, with per-workspace microblogging and activitystreams.

Asko Soukka provided support in setting up Robot Framework testing for PloneSocial. We now have a setup that provides local browser testing, remote browser testing via Saucelabs, and fully automated continous integration testing by integrating Saucelabs with Travis-CI.

The cool part of this setup is, that it automatically generates demo videos that shows how PloneSocial works from an end-user perspective. Because the demo video generation is scripted, it gets automatically updated for all the new features that we're developing as soon as we do a Github commit.

Asko also has been working on "speech bubble notes" for such videos to visualize clicks and annotate screen shots with text that explains what's going on.

Follow up

As usual, the sprint results in a lot of promising work-in-progress that requires more time to be finished and released. Some relevant follow-ups you can expect to be released in the course of 2013:

  • Context-aware microblogging for local workspaces
  • Reference design for a fully social workspace
  • Functional test coverage and demo video for PloneSocial
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