PloneSocial Roadmap at Plone Conference 2013: videos + slides

Guido Stevens | Nov 08, 2013 | plonesocial · plone · roadmap
An overview of the status of PloneSocial and where we're heading. Also introduces a preview of the Digital Workplace Technology Roadmap that will be published soon. Update: talk video now available.

Update: the video registration of this talk is now available at Youtube.

Below the slides used in the talk:

At the World Plone Conference 2013, Cosent presented a roadmap for the PloneSocial suite: a social business solution integrated into the open source Plone CMS.

The PloneSocial roadmap is derived from the Digital Workplace Technology Roadmap framework we've developed at Cosent — see dedicated page for more info.

The video below gives an overview of the current PloneSocial feature set. It's part of the presentation above at the "demo" slide. No audio available.

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