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Improving collaboration technologies can unlock significant productivity gains. A shared document collaboration platform allows people to co-author documents as a team.

Team collaboration in creating documents very common in organizations. More often than not, draft documents are circulated as email attachments. That's fine if there's just two people collaborating. But for bigger teams, email circulation makes it nearly impossible to see, who's doing what, and which version of the draft document is the "current" best version?

Shared hard disks on a network server, fail to address this gap. Employees perceive network shares as an extension of their private PC drive. Everyone has their own folder structures that are inaccessible for everybody else. Even if there's a shared team folder, it doesn't work very well. It's easy to accidentally overwrite and destroy somebody else's work, without an undo option. Additionally, there's no way to track changes and make sure that the copy you're checking out is the most recent and relevant version of a file.

A Shared Document Editing Platform

An intranet wiki provides a shared platform for editing documents and solves document collaboration problems. It's key characteristics in supporting team work are:

Employees can easily locate the "right" document and relevant context documents.
Any contributor can jump in, add improvements, and hit "save".
Hyperlinks between documents provide a wealth of relevant context.
Any document preserves a full history of earlier versions.
Allowing team mates to undo eachother's changes, provides a safety net that encourages participation.
People can subscribe to receive change notification messages, allowing participants to "trace the conversation", promoting fast editing progress.
Assigning keywords to documents, allows users to easily cluster related documents by subject area, regardless of the way these are spread out across the departmental tree structure.