Social Network Analysis

Discover hidden patterns in organizations by visualizing social processes.

Cosent uncovers hidden processes and structures in organizations, by analyzing and visualizing communication flows and social connections. A social network diagram provides an X-ray picture of your organization and helps you to better understand what's really going on.

In any organization, the backbone of formal organization structure is augmented by myriad unofficial channels provided by direct personal contacts between employees, with customers, and with partners.

These social networks provide great opportunities to build trust, enhance flexibility and foster innovation. Embedding your approach to social networking within an overall knowledge flow strategy, maximizes such benefits while mitigating the risks involved.

Social Network Analysis

Social network analysis provides insights into the actual flow of information and knowledge, within and between organizations.

Social network analysis charts the actual flow of information, and the collaboration networks people engage in. By pinpointing informational black holes it enables the discovery of new value opportunities, that can be tapped into by making new connections. Also, social network analysis highlights people that perform crucial information bridging functions, and who may deserve additional support.

A evidence-based approach to social networks within your organization, supports a overall strategy of optimizing organizational knowledge flows. Tapping into the creativity and solutions that are developed bottom-up strengthens employee commitment, organizational flexibility and innovation.